Cherokee County
United States of America

Brandi, mother of four was incarcerated on a probation violation over 130 days ago on a 180 day sentence. However, her child support payments were instated almost 3 months ago as well as her visitation schedule. Even though the Judge said she has done enough time and should be released... this release was never carried out. She has more than learned her lesson and her 4 children need her. She deserves this chance to begin and repair the damage done.

This is the first time she has ever spent time in jail and even the Judge stated that she had been there long enough and to "time-serve" her and let her go home. Her children have forgiven her and need their Mom as much as she needs them. Their ages are...14, 10, 8 and 3. Please help us get her home.

We, the undersigned, ask that the Judge and/or Cherokee County Jail release Brandi Hale from this incarceration.

She has learned this very valuable lesson and needs to come home to her family, her children.

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