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Town Council of Purcellville, Virginia
United States of America

The property development company M/I Homes filed an application with the Town of Purcellville to upzone land at S 32nd Street (S 690), just off Purcellville’s Main Street, that is historically zoned for low-density by-right development (R-2). The property is in the town's historic overlay district. The developer seeks to remove by-right zoning of the property from residential to increased-density mixed-use zoning that includes commercial options, among other things. This type of zoning is called planned development housing, or PDH. The current application seeks a density increase to build 42 duplex residential units that would include 21 5000 sq foot 1.5 - 2 story buildings on 10 acres, surrounded by parking for 229 vehicles.

M/I Homes’ request for PDH zoning would provide it with multiple dense-development options. Were the request to be approved, the land could be developed for commercial and industrial purposes, as well as residential. Please see Section 12 of Article 4 of the Town of Purcellville Zoning Ordinance to understand the possibilities opened up by PDH rezoning. https://www.municode.com/library/va/purcellville/codes/zoning_ordinance?nodeId=ZONING_ORDINANCETOPUVI_ART4DIRE_S12PDPLDEHODIAD21396

Please see this link to Virginia Fair Housing laws for more information about age-restricted housing: http://www.dpor.virginia.gov/uploadedFiles/MainSite/Content/Boards/Fair_Housing/A463-063_FHREGS.pdf

We believe the application’s traffic assessment is unrealistic. M/I Homes is planning for parking to accommodate 229 vehicles (both resident and visitor parking). The additional volume would have a negative impact on the neighborhood. The increased traffic on nearby narrow residential streets J, K and L would alter the charm and character of these streets and endanger pedestrians.

Furthermore the development would create a separate community within a community that is already - and always has been - multigenerational.

Review the application documents here: http://www.purcellvilleva.com/index.aspx?NID=671

*the rezoning would give developers flexible development possibilities;
*the rezoning would limit citizen's ability to oppose development changes;
*the proposed development is out of character in the town’s historic overlay district;
*the proposed development would increase traffic congestion along S 32nd Street / S 690;
*the development would increase traffic congestion at S 32nd / S 690 and Main Streets;
*the development would create busy through-ways of nearby quiet, narrow neighborhood streets including K and L Streets.

Please contact town council members directly to request that they reject this application.

We call on the Purcellville Town Council to reject the rezoning request for 10.08 acres (Parcel #488-25-0854) on S 32nd Street / S 690; specifically to reject the application from developer M/I Homes to rezone the property from BY-RIGHT R-2 zoning to an increased-density, flexible zoning of PDH 5;
The rezoning proposal from developer M/I Homes would have a negative impact on the historic overlay district of S 32nd Street / S 690 and beyond.

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