The Department of Education and Skills
United Kingdom

The end of the cane saw an end to good behaviour in schools. The reason is children think they can do what they want and no one can do anything about it, & they're right! This leads poor attitudes in later life where we expect people to do as they are told or face the justice system. Failing to discipline children in schools results in higher crime and unemployment rates, which cost the taxpayer. Discipline is vital to earn the respect of those around you and the respect of yourself.

It is true to say other forms of punishment exist. You can ban a child from trips or put him in detention but these punish the teachers too & have little proven effect. Just the threat of the cane is enough for some children & for others the effects of the cane would stop the behaviour. We need to show children that something CAN be done to stop their delinquency.

I'm not some old-fashioned retired teacher moaning of how it was better in my day... I am 17 & I see what really happens in schools.

We, the undersigned, want the cane reintroduced in schools in the UK.

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