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Hibidi is a professional FIFA player of over 10 years, winning his first championship title in 2010 at WCG Singapore. Previously, Hibidi represented Singapore in December 2016 at the EA World Championships, winning US$60,000 for Team Singapore. http://www.straitstimes.com/tech/games-apps/singapore-squad-takes-home-over-86000-after-third-place-finish-in-fifa-online-3

This season, he has worked hard to get to the top of the Weekend League standings and was halfway through qualifying for the FUT Regionals in February. At the time of this post, he was ranked 44th in the world, which gave him a good
chance of qualifying as top 64 ranked players qualify for the next Regional championship.

However on 15th February, his account got hacked and all his players deleted. He has spent close to USD10,000 on his account and this destroys his chances of qualification for this season, as well as unforeseen financial damages.

With his professional career at stake, we humbly ask that all FIFA fans and voices across the world lend us your support. This petition will be signed and eventually sent to Electronic Arts.

We, Team Flash, request that Electronic Arts investigate the hacking issue that occured on 15th February and reinstate his full squad so he can continue to compete in the Weekend League under fair conditions.

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