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It has come to our attention as "Neopians," that the ability to hold contests has been striped from us with dire consequences to our accounts. Contests encourage competetivity amoung us neopians which in turn helps us offline. These contests can also be seen as a relaxing way to meet new friendly people, and admire other's hard work. Many who have participated in these contests have been frozen and refused when asking for their account back. There are far worse activities going on in the boards than contests and many who participate in those, such as dating, profanity, and scamming, remain untouched. We ask that you please re-instate the ability to hold contests. Below are some requests/alternatives to your contests ban.

1. We believe that you should create a chat board specifically for contests. This will not create spam on the rest of the boards and will help the normal boards to stay on topic.

2. We would like you to reinstate contests in the guilds. Contests are a large part of the guild experience. They promote guild spirit and unity. Without contests, many fewer people are going to be creating/joining guilds.

3. If scamming people/refusing to give winners their prizes is the main issue, then creating contests that offer prizes should be what is banned, not all contests together. We neopians agree that its the contests that are fun. Prizes are offered in less than 15% of all contests anyways. If you choose to reinstate contests, then i know that all neopians will agree to not give or claim to give prizes to the winner(s).

I would like to point out that contests are a drawing factor to users playing neopets. If contests are eliminated, there will be a drop in attendance to neopets.

I agree that Neopets should reinstate contests on the chat boards and guilds.

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