Madina Mosque - Jamiatul Muslemin of Toronto

The Madina Mosque of Toronto is proposing to cancel the second Friday (jumma) prayers.

This second instalment of jumma was instated (quite a few years back) to encourage, attract and engage the youth of the muslim community.

The timing was critically set in agreement with a few of the community high schools to address the fact that muslim children were absent from school Friday afternoons in order to attend prayers. There was considerable work, effort and negotiation undertaken to address the needs of our youth, the education system and the Prophetic traditions.

This second jumma is critical element of a muslim youth who can partake in the mandatory faith practice while not forego their educational needs.

This request and petition is to prevent the cancellation of the second jumma at Madina Mosque in order to keep our youth engaged and participatory in the community event of Friday prayers.

We, the undersigned, call on Madina Masjid to reinstate and keep the second jumma prayer.

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