#Civil Rights
President Barack Obama, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, F.A.A., J.C.S.
United States of America

The Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) system is the simplest key to preservation of civil liberties, legitimate government use of drones, and reasonable UAV commerce without a need for extremist legislation.

ADS-B is the new form of GPS-based radio beacon required for most aircraft operating in American skies by January 1, 2020. This new system enables precise tracking of all aircraft and will be required also for drones. As such, it is also the greatest point of vulnerability and leash against future SkyNet and Terminator bots run rampant on U.S. soil.

This petition calls upon the President, House, and Senate to enact law requiring a system for voters at local, state, and federal levels to control the use of drones in American skies.

The simplest and most reasonable solution is for voters and community planners everywhere to GIS designate boundaries, no fly zones, authorized airspace, operation times, emergency conditions, and operational conditions for any unmanned aircraft activity.

Through legislation that the Federal Aviation Administration must record all such ADS-B data and share it publicly, the ability of voters and governmental agencies to monitor, litigate, and prosecute any violations of law is enabled.

This petition calls for a bill to further empower the Federal Aviation Administration with supremacy over all law enforcement flight operations -- making any drone flights outside of boundaries and controls set by the voter to be federally illegal and subject to enforcement action by the FAA, which may include revocation of Certificate of Waiver (COA) to operate such drones and other penalties.

Anti-drone legislation exists in the states of New Jersey, Oregon, Florida, Texas, Idaho, Montana, and Virginia. What is further needed to leash the drones at their weakest point is: 1) Software reporting of their position; 2) Litigation and Prosecution where operations exceed boundaries, limits, and manner set by public will.

This petition also calls for a bill to further clarify that the desire of a police state to use airborne drones in any form of attack upon American citizens -- lethal or non-lethal (tear gas, rubber bullets, deployed nets, etc.)-- is a clear violation of existing FAA regulations that no aircraft operator may engage in hazardous operations or the dropping of objects upon the public (14 CFR 91.15).

This petition seeks to return authority over American skies -- the Public Use Airspace; the citizen's airspace -- back where it belongs: to the public, the FAA, pilots, and manned air traffic.

Due to the increasing threat that domestic spy, terminator, and non-lethal drones represent to American freedom and public safety, we, the undersigned, call upon the President, House, and Senate to enact legislation which mandates, by 2020, that the will of the People will always govern the use of drones through direct control and sharing of ADS-B tracking data.

We, the undersigned, petition for additional clarity in law on Federal Aviation Administration authority in regard to law enforcement and commercial drone operations in Public Use Airspace.

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