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Homeowner Associations are currently not regulated but have Restrictions that protect them.

With the current market we are seeing a large amount of HOA fraud, fee gouging, misrepresentation, misdisclosure and raising and charging fees that are astronomical and in other businesses would be viewed as extortion.

It has been seen that HOA's are charging fees to some owners and not to others for the same offense, they are charging sellers fees, buyers fees and assessing amounts against properties not in compliance with the CC&R's or state statutues. Owners, buyers and sellers have little recourse other than litigation which is time intensive and costly. Also, if an HOA is in litigation lender requirements will not allow loan approval which ultimately ties up the entire HOA from seller properties.

In all the cases, the HOA has the advantage and ultimately they have all of the control. The management companies are assisting in the non compliance on behalf of the HOA's and act in any manner that is to their benefit.

We, the undersigned, ask that Homeowners Associations have a standarized set of regulations to protect the HOA, buyers and sellers alike. Inclusive in this are regulations for management companies.

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