#Consumer Affairs
Univeristy of Surrey students living in univeristy accomodation
United Kingdom

Since the beginning of the 2007-08 academic year, the internet service provided to residents in university accommodation has been appalling and, in most cases, totally unusable.

Originally advertised in the accommodation literature as "fast, free broadband internet access with no charge for connection or surfing time", at peak times it has proved impossible to load even the Google search engine page, let alone browse to other web pages or, indeed check university email.

This interferes with the studies of all students in university accommodation and is particularly relevant since the integration of ULearn into many of the modules taught on campus - an essential resource that it has not been possible to gain access to, along with the university' online library, journal and email systems.

Although we have now all received reassurance that work is underway to rectify the problems, it still negates the fact that many of us have been receiving a sub-standard and totally unacceptable service for the past eleven (or more) weeks, and from the sound of it, will continue to suffer this poor service for a number of weeks, or even months to come.

This is a service which every student living in university accommodation is paying for and, for the most part, have not, and are not receiving.

We, the undersigned, call on the governing bodies at the University of Surrey - in particular those in the Accommodation Office who have taken payments for the non-supplied service, and those in the IT Services Department who have failed to maintain the service - to recognise and rectify the issues students are having, and ensure that refunds for the non-supplied services are issued in a timely manner upon rectification.

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