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This is a story about Navi, she was a beautiful angel that ended up at the Animal Shelter in Lancaster, TX. We pick up our story, as told by the DogRRR Dallas Rescue, when DogRRR rescued Navi from the shelter.

"Let's start by the condition she was found. Her body condition was about a 1 or 2, and she had body sores all over. The shelter refused to get a rescue or allow the volunteers to her take for medical care! They decided to give her satin meatballs and pedialyte for a week. However, she did not receive any medical care and these employees are NOT medical staff. She was NOT given a SIMPLE dewormer and that could have SAVED her life. She was loaded with HOOK WORMS and ROUND WORMS among some other concerns. The worms were sucking the blood out of her and she was so anemic her RBC was at a 5. That is super low! The shelter went a week hiding the dog. I say hiding because the made a choice to not reach out for help and not communicate about her needs that she needed medical attention. One look at her gums would of altered them.

Then again they made another choice by NOT reaching out to volunteer or rescue to emergency pull, so they made a CHOICE to euthanize her because she was doing so poorly. They did NOT give the volunteers ample time to network her for a rescue. When we were notified and we said yes we would help her. Once we stepped in, the volunteer arrived and they had already started to euthanize her. She was completely sedated and it took 45 minutes to bring her out . They were refusing to release her, but after much discussion they finally released Navi to the volunteer.

She was cold and still sedated as the volunteer rushed to the ER! She became more alert but still weak, and the doctors were ready to try anything. I received a call this morning that 3/4 the way through her blood transfusion, she died! They are not certain why they gave many different possibilities!

One for sure stands clear; the lack of care that was given at the shelter for the week she was on hold - they made a choice to keep her in the shelter without medical care. The volunteer asked them to release to rescue and they said NO. We did not know of Navi before yesterday, but we know Navi NOW!

My only regret is that I did not stay longer with her at the ER. I stayed with her a long time petting her head and ears telling her, “ I am sorry that you had a crappy life” and that “we would make it better”. I told her to hang on kissing her head many times. I gently grabbed her face and said, as I do to many, “All I need from you is to fight and leave the rest to me!” I laid there for a bit and she began to wag her tag. She showed me she understood! The ones we lose too soon or get too late are the hardest ones as you always wish you were able to give them a chance at forever and love❤️. The humans in her life failed her. SHAME on you whoever you are!

How we are going to change things in Texas when this is happening all over Texas? Things need to change in shelters as well as legislation that helps the animals. Mandatory Spay and Neuter and Mandatory Microchip! Texas needs to step up and do the right thing make a change to do what is best for the animals!

After talking to a team member, they asked had I seen the video of the Lancaster shelter. I had not, but I have included the link!


This is terrible - I have not personally seen the shelter but we need to help the city make a change!

We will try to get justice for Navi - I know they may not listen and we may not get the privilege to save another life at this shelter if we get kicked out of Lancaster, but I did NOT get into rescue to close my eyes and turn the other cheek! So Lancaster please be prepared to answer questions and be prepared to respond to my open records requests. This is a call to action and I need your help DogRRR Nation!

The purpose of this call to action is this shelter needs to change. They are not vaccinating, but they are doing basic dewormer. They are NOT networking the dogs in their shelter and the dogs are suffering. The City of Lancaster... your animals deserve better!

We the undersigned URGE the City of Lancaster to reverse their course and begin to right the wrongs they have committed against the animals and volunteers of Lancaster. We DEMAND that the following steps be taken immediately to ensure that no other animal suffers the same fate as Navi:

 Adequately staffed shelter
 Volunteers allowed onsite to assist staff and animals
 Citizens allowed to view the animals in the shelter
 Medical care sought for animals in need. (volunteer assistance)
 Intake photos to benefit citizens who have lost animals (volunteer assistance)
 Photos and adequate networking for rescue and adoption (volunteer assistance)
 Intake vaccines and worming mandatory policy
 Kennels cleaned daily and dry beds provided
 Dogs walked 2 times per day (volunteers assist)

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