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President Obama. Supreme Court Justices,Congress and House of Representatives
United States of America

My grandson Clayton Bohanon 17 y.o. was murdered, shot in the head ten times March 26, 2008 by an adult 28 y.o. He left home to visit his girlfriend at McDonald's restaurant where she worked. He was lured to a house, and introduced to the homeowner as his cousin from Indianapolis. He was later taken away in a car by this man and murdered. My Grandson lived with me and after working out difficulties he had, I enrolled him in Purdue C.C. where he majored in criminal justice and foreign language, he looked forward to being able to help other teens when he graduated.

He started classes at Purdue at 16 y.o. He did not deserve what happened to him. The animal that murdered him, after hiding was arrested and acquitted at the trial held June 4-2012.

We the people having interest in liberty and justice for all especially victims and their families. The double jeopardy law is designed to primarily protect the criminals and people perpetrating crime knowing that they hide out for four years, pay someone to commit perjury such as other gang members to testify for them, and totally ignore the testimony of credible witnesses.

Despite the witnesses testifying to threats against them and their family members for testifying this murderer was set free to continue to walk the streets and intimidate others. This law is in need of reform.

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