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Gun violence has impacted America negatively and has been mainstream in the media for years. In order for gun violence to decrease, there have to be stricter gun control laws. Innocent civilians’ lives have been taken away with the power of a homicidal weapon. Fear has been instituted into these citizens’ minds, terrifying and questioning the time of their death. Deadly mass shootings have occurred in America since the mid-1900s.
During the Gilded Age, violence was rising. Gun violence has many casualties. Police brutality was present in these events because the police used their authority and weapons to put fear into the worker’s minds. Guns have the ability to be seen as a threat to someone and this a reason why people will possess one. The present day and the Gilded Age have similarities such as police brutality, gun violence and easy access to a firearm. History has repeated itself from mass shooting to violence in protest. This has caused people to advocate for stricter gun control laws to prevent homicides and violence in the streets of America.
Easy accessibility to guns has caused an increase to the homicidal rate such as “two out of every three homicides, about half of all suicides, over one-third of all robberies, and one out of five aggravated assaults are committed with a gun, usually a handgun”. Approximately every year 35,000 people in the United States are killed and about 200,000 are wounded from a firearm. America has six times more homicides from a gun than Canada and sixteen times more than Germany. In total, America’s gun homicide rate is more than 25 times the average of other developed countries. In the world, 644 million people own guns and surprisingly the U.S.A. makes up forty-two percent.In the past, gun control has helped reduce gun violence.
African Americans suffer from gun violence at disproportionate rates: The leading
cause of death among African American teens ages 15 to 19 in 2008 and 2009 was gun-related homicide. African American children and teens accounted for 45 percent of all
child and teen gun-related deaths in 2008 and 2009 but were only 15 percent of the total
child population. Clearly, we have a stake in the debate.
For example of a legislation that was revolutionary is the Brady Bill. The bill to reduce gun violence caused prevented about 250,000 handguns to be purchased. The city of Richmond apprehended 512 firearms and homicide and robbery declined to thirty percent. Therefore, in order to decrease the homicidal rate caused by a gun, more stringent federal legislation on guns should be created and enforced for the present day.
As your constituent, I strongly urge you to do all that you can to implement policies and programs to stop the scourge of gun violence which has sadly permeated our
neighborhoods and our nation. At the same time, I would encourage you to oppose
proposals which would increase either the harm done as a result of gun proliferation or
the disparate impact which comes from short-sighted criminal justice policies.

In today’s society, reducing gun violence is the vision of change to promote peace. On an average day, ninety-three Americans are killed will with a firearm. For change to happen, stricter gun laws must be instituted or enforced by the government. Previous gun laws that were instituted have shown evidence of reducing gun violence. Also, people pro-firearm are capable of exercising the Second Amendment. For example, when Brady Bill was in effect, the possession of guns reduced because of the background checks. Background checks “are a central component of America’s efforts to keep guns from criminals: since their inception, they have blocked over 3 million gun sales to prohibited purchasers”. The failure of these laws is over time the government neglect the laws causing them to be ineffective and this makes criminals capable of easily obtaining a gun, increasing gun violence. The American theme, the protection of the citizen reflects the vision of reducing gun violence. Human life is sacred and a homicidal weapon should not end a life. The vision of change of gun violence reducing is when the government enforces the laws and this causes people to be safe and the society is at peace. Please sign this, to protect the lives of the others.

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