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My name is Helen Ann Hackney, I recently attended a saltwater aquarium tradeshow where I discovered after the show that a vendor was on the National Registry of Sexual Offenders (Megan’s Law). This vendor was in the same venue with numerous kids, a show advertised for families with a kids' corner, this concern about our children's safety at saltwater aquarium tradeshows never crossed my mind until after this show.

I understand that every individual convicted of a crime, no matter the crime, can be rehabilitated and go on to be a productive member of society. I also understand that an individual has a right to earn a living and my purpose is not to interfere with that. However, being a survivor of sexual abuse, this led to me think overall, "What can I do to make saltwater aquarium tradeshows safer for our children?"
I propose the following:
1. Show organizers create "Reef Safe Zones" at all shows displaying signage that a child can easily recognize as a safe area. A lost child can go to these locations for safety and help (just as fire departments and other trade shows do).
2. Show organizers supply parents and children with matching wrist bands. Wristbands are imprinted with a number and each time a child is removed from the venue; a show staff will be responsible for verifying that the numbers match so children can go home safely with their parent(s).
This will not cost show organizers any additional money as we at #ReefSafeVendors will help in the following ways:
1. Supply "Reef Safe" Signage for those areas that are deemed safe areas.
2. We will check vendors who volunteer their booth to be a "Reef Safe" place.
3. Any individual vendor may become a safe vendor if they choose to be by reaching out to us (a sticker will be provided for you to display at your booth).
4. A list of #ReefSafeVendors will be maintained on the website.
5. Show organizers can reach out to #ReefSafeVendors for free wrist bands to use at their shows.
6. Any show that participates in program will be promoted on our website for free.

We will NOT in anyway blast any show that doesn’t participate nor will we publish anyone that we might find on the national registry. The goal here is to only make our shows safer.

We, the undersigned, call on all Saltwater Aquarium Trade Show Hosts to make our shows safer for our children.

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