The portion for cbse is really tough!
the whole book of maths. Meaning 18 lessons.
Thats if we take 1 hour per subject, it takes up 18 hours. Its like starting at 12 pm and then finishing it at 6 am in the morning. Do you really think that is not slavery for a 13 to 14 year old kid who just wants to live a happy life.
And if we divide it by 80 marks, each of the lesson will have just 4 marks!
Is that justifiied?
Working for 6-7 hours and then getting asked a 4 mark question!
That is why I am creating a fromal petition against CBSE.
Same applies for all the other subjects.
Please, we students beg mercy.
From IISD,
International Indian School Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

We, the students of IISD want the portion to be reduced as the portion is very vivid and large.

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