#Roads & Transport
Skippack Township
United States of America

It is the experience of the Merchants of Skippack that the current speed limit of 35mph is far too high and, in fact, encourages motorists to speed through our neighborhood at rates of 40-50mph, routinely.

These rapid speeds are a real danger to pedestrians in the village and make crossing the street impossible.

It is our opinion that the legal speed limit should be reduced to 25mph in order to help safeguard our patrons, children and others.

We, the Merchants of Skippack Association, petition the Skippack Township and PENNDOT to reduce the speed limit in the village on Route 73 (between Route 113 and Voit Drive) from from 35 to at least 25 mph.

Drivers typically speed through the populated business district which includes tourist, local residents, senior citizens, handicapped and disabled individuals, and children of all ages who are trying to cross Route 73.

This reduction in the speed limit to 25 mph will provide the safety to all those who visit Skippack Village.

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