#City & Town Planning
Community Board 2
United States of America

Excessive noise from honking and engine noise are caused by long waits in daily bumper-to-bumper traffic leading to the Holland Tunnel, specifically on Watts and Broome Streets.

The condition is exacerbated during rush hour, late at night and early in the morning, when one of two outbound lanes in the Tunnel are closed by the Port Authority for ongoing maintenance. Drivers block the box during these times to those traveling up 6th Avenue, leading to full gridlock that can last for hours. This also means crosswalks are blocked for pedestrians, forcing them to jaywalk through dangerous traffic conditions.

In addition, drivers routinely lean on their horns en masse for extended periods of time. At best, the noise can be described as "a low murmur of thousands of engines," and at worst, an incessant, aggravating chorus of loud honks.

Enacting effective solutions to these issues will alleviate the severe distress this noise and air pollution can cause, improving the quality of life for all nearby residents, workers and patrons.

We, the undersigned, call on the Community Board 2 to work with Port Authority and DOT to enact solutions to the noise and traffic near the Holland Tunnel.

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