Tony Blair /Gordon Brown
United Kingdom

March 07, 2006

Recently my dentist has decided to rebel against the government's new dental contracts by going private.

Admitedly no dental treatment has been entirely free but was subsidised. Now I will be £120 out of pocket just for 2 inspections and scalings per year and then there will be more charges for any other treatment required.

Surely they could think again as there will be no going back once they have got your money. I think it is unfair as most dentists were trained in this country free of charge before top-up fees came into force and I think they ought to give some of the cost of training back by honouring the national health motto "from cradle to grave" as envisaged by the originators.

Written by a disgruntled pensioner who may not get any dental treatment in the future.

To Tony Blair & Gordon Brown

We, the undersigned, petition to bring dental treatment for pensioners in line with children's treatment so it is free of charge. Or at least give more pensioner tax allowances to cover dental insurance.

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