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In March 2010 the State and Federal Government attempted to dispose of a 4000 tonne warship the ex-HMAS Adelaide offshore from Avoca Beach as an 'artificial reef.'

The residents of Avoca are strongly opposed to this dumping of naval waste in a pristine bay with world famous surf.

Residents appealed the Sea Dumping Permit in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and achieved in a six month legal case:
- the removal of all remaining fibreglass insulation;
- all remaining cables and junction boxes associated with PCBs and;
- 'exfoliating' red lead paint.

The community is opposed to 23,000 square metres of red lead paint being placed in the bay.

Coastal engineers have reported that the studies of potential impacts to the shoreline and waves are incomplete and misleading. More studies must be done to understand potential impacts on beach erosion and waves.

This sea dumping is not worth the risk to one of the best beaches on our beautiful coastline.

This obsolete warship should be responsibly recycled on land not dumped in our ocean placing marine life, our children's health and our beach at risk for 250 years.

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The petition of certain concerned residents and friends of the NSW Central Coast who state their opposition to the proposed scuttling of the ex-HMAS Adelaide warship 1400 metres offshore from North Avoca Beach.

Brings to the attention of the House:

• the threat of beach erosion is real if the Adelaide is scuttled in its proposed location. Coastal engineers have confirmed that assertion.

• the Worley Parsons report is inadequate in that it does not comprehensively and accurately model the nearshore wave climate which is a major factor in determining beach erosion.

• more detailed studies need to be undertaken to fully understand and quantify the extent of beach erosion caused by this scuttling.

• the presence of approximately 23,000 square metres of red lead paint on the vessel if it is scuttled. Residents are strongly opposed to placing this amount of a highly toxic substance next to a popular family beach.

• more than 3000 people use Avoca Beach every day of Summer. The dive site is expected to attract 3200 divers per annum.

The undersigned petitioners therefore ask the Legislative Council to responsibly recycle the ex-HMAS Adelaide on land instead of proceeding with the proposed scuttling. It is not worth the risk to the legitimate users of the beach and marine life.

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