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Today, the RDS Services, LLC has announced that the North Carolina State Health Plan has the potential to recover $17,000,000 in uncollected Retiree Drug Subsidy support payments from the Federal Governments RDS program.
The $17,000,000 is part of a subsidy payment from the Federal Governments Retiree Drug Subsidy program, and the North Carolina State Health Plan is probably due more. However, the State Health plan did not receive the payment because of misaligned data. RDS Services, LLC has developed the data aggregation software systems to recover the underpayment for the State and has offered to recover the subsidy underfunding at no direct cost to the State or the Taxpayers.
RDS Services, LLC offer to the North Carolina State Health Plan Chairman to recover the funds comes on the heels of a recent article in The News & Observer by journalist Lynn Bonner on June 23, 2017. * In the article, it is revealed that “The state employee health plan has a $42.2 billion unfunded liability, estimated future costs that are outpacing revenue.” The article goes on to say that beginning January 2021, new employees of the state “will no longer qualify for state health insurance when they retire, a provision in the budget that caught critics by surprise.”
Currently, “State retiree health care costs $892 million a year, according to the state Treasurer’s Office, with retirees 65 and older costing $634 million.” Although $17,000,000 will not close the underfunded liability gap, it is still $17,000,000 less the taxpayers have to come out of their pocket and would represent about a 3% or greater reduction in annual healthcare costs for the State. RDS Services, LLC National Sales Director George Fox has reached out to the North Carolina State Health Plans executive offices with an offer to recover the funds, but the response to the offer is still unknown.
The subsidy payment is authorized by the Medicare Modernization Act of 2003 and is a direct offset of the actual costs paid by the Taxpayers of North Carolina to provide prescription drug coverage to retired State workers. George Fox, the National Sales Director for RDS Services, LLC, a published author and leading expert in the Medicare field, with a focus on the Retiree Drug Subsidy program was quoted as saying:
“The RDS Services, LLC organization has offered to recover this potential $17,000,000 or more for the people of North Carolina at no direct cost. We are looking forward to working with the North Carolina State Health Plan management to recover the funds for them and the taxpayers of the state.”
A petition has been started to support the State government leadership in taking action on this matter and can be signed on this website.

We, the people of the State of North Carolina call upon our elected officials, that include the Governor of the State, Chairmen of the North Carolina State Health Plan and the State of North Carolina treasurer, to take action on the vital matter of recovering the Retiree Drug subsidy shortage that is due to the taxpayers of the state. We the people demand that RDS Services, LLC, be contacted immediately to conduct a Retiree Drug Subsidy Reopening in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in the Medicare Modernization Act 2003.

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