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Today 19/09/2014 we got a NO for Scottish independence.

This is a very sad time for nearly half of Scotland.

We all would like to believe it was a fair vote, but considering the lies that both sides YES and NO have said about each other, don't we think it would be responsible for there to be a RECOUNT of the votes? Can we say it was fair?
What if a man was seen on video who were suppose to be counting votes was seen looking about to see if anyone was looking then putting crosses on voting papers?

Isn't it fair to all to have the votes RECOUNTED?

What if there was mistakes?

What if there was a lady seen on video counting votes and took YES VOTE papers and placed them in a pile on the NO VOTE pile giving the no vote pile more counts?

What if someone just lost count but didn't restart?

There needs to be a RECOUNT of the YES OR NO VOTES so that we can all move on and know it was fair and that there was no rigging.

Sign this petition so that cameras record people recounting the votes?

Sign this petition to say the people of SCOTLAND want the VOTES RECOUNTED to make sure there was no rigging or mistakes!

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