Director of Elections Portland Oregon
United States of America
Stop the Abuse - Restore Oregon Now

Due to the circumstances of the presidential election and the loss and miscounted ballots in other states, we the undersigned request a review and recount of Oregon ballots. Oregon has been pushed to the side due to low electoral votes. And being a sanctuary state an ID review should be also done to see if they are legal citizens or more than one ballot per person. We want to make sure ALL ballots are accounted for and votes to the right candidates.

We the undersigned are requesting that the Oregon ballots should be recounted and reviewed for signatures. Also being a sanctuary state we want to know that only legal citizens are voting. That all absentee ballots from service members to the people victimized by the fires last month. We expect a speedy response and resolution to the problem.

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The Recount all Oregon ballots petition to Director of Elections Portland Oregon was written by Michelle Mercieca Young Erkenbeck and is in the category Politics at GoPetition.

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