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The bike path, known as Ke Ala Pupukea, was built nearly 30 years ago, and extends 3.5 miles through Sunset Beach. Due to aging, salt and sun damage, wear and tear, and tree roots pushing up the asphalt, the time has come to reconstruct this well-utilized path. It is dangerous. Seniors, dog walkers, moms with strollers, along with the many bike riders use the bike path daily. There are many tourists and locals from other parts of Oahu who use the path, too.

Ke Ala Pupukea was created by the City and County of Honolulu under the Harris Administration in 1994, and landscaped primarily by NSOC volunteers. These same NSOC volunteers, along with residents, maintained and cared for the small trees and shrubs along the bike path. Eight years ago, the City and County took over the care for Ke Ala Pupukea. This resulted in virtually no care or maintenance. It is important to note that the bike path was never built to code in the first place.

It is the only route between the beach roads and Kamehameha Highway for our children to pedal back and forth from Sunset Beach Elem., the skate park, the rec center, and tennis courts at Shark's Cove as well as all of the surf breaks in our neighborhood.

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Please reconstruct the Ke Ala Pupukea Bike Path at Sunset Beach on the North Shore. At present, the bike path is dangerous and a liability to the City. Many people have reported injuries from stumbling and falling on the bike path.

Sunset Beach has no sidewalks except at Sunset Beach Elementary. The bike path is the only means for students and parents to bike or walk to school. Tourists, locals visiting for the day, and thousands of spectators during surf contests use the bike path. During these events, the path is so packed it is nearly impossible to bike on.

We request a path that is up to code, twice as wide as currently, and consists of continuous concrete material so as to ensure it doesn't break up. This will accommodate the increased population and decrease the need to continually patch it, which will save money in the long run. We ask for a budget and a regular schedule set for maintenance.

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