Florida Legislature
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In Florida's general election of 2002, Amendment 9 - Florida's Amendment to Reduce Class Sizes was passed. It is to my concern, however, that the general public was not aware of the effect this amendment would have on the public schools in Florida. Public schools lack the money and personnel needed to reduce class sizes by the year 2010.

We, as concerned individuals of the future of education in Florida, would like to have the complexities of Amendment 9 reconsidered so that schools have more time and money to achieve smaller class sizes. The legislature of Florida should do the following: 1. allow more time for schools to reduce class sizes and 2. create concrete ways in which the government will provide schools with the proper funding for class size reduction.

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The Reconsider Florida's Amendment 9 petition to Florida Legislature was written by Kelly M. Smith and is in the category Education at GoPetition.