#City & Town Planning
Hanover Borough
United States of America

The opportunity to begin a new business that will support and enhance our community is available to us. The former Penney’s building located in the North Hanover Mall is now entertaining applicants for the rental of the retail space it vacated. The proprietors of this space have two applicants to begin services there.

One is to turn the space into rental storage units. This option will cause very little increase in the amount of people that visit Hanover or the foot traffic in the mall. This type of enterprise has numerous different iterations throughout our community and really doesn’t address any particular need of the mall or the community.

The other applicant, Chuck Messersmith, has a completely different plan. His idea incorporates the attendance of people and the inherent foot traffic. Fusion will provide a venue for people to come to Hanover to have fun and recreation. The restaurants and entertainment will provide the impetus for other potential renters to come to the mall further enhancing the prosperity of our community. Local and downtown businesses could also benefit from advertising and becoming affiliated with this business venture.

We the undersigned hereby petition the Hanover Borough to reconsider their decision and to grant Chuck Messersmith’s proposal to establish his business enterprise entitled “Fusion” for the reasons stated above and the betterment of our community.

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