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Descendants of American Slaves as a Unique Ethnicity

My name is Dr. Gerald Higginbotham, Sr. Vice President for the American Slave Nation, Spiritual Leader and Spokeperson for the Descendants of American Slaves (DAS).

America refuses to acknowledge the DAS Culture. We have been called slaves, Colored, Negros, Black and now African Americans.

It is really sad a nation that is supposed to be so sharp is so ignorant when it comes to ethnicity.

Until we address this piece our America will never be whole.

An African American is a U.S. Immigration term given to those Blacks and whites Africans that legal immigrated here to America from Africa that came for the American Dream or that wanted to make some money.

As an American, a Descendant of American Slaves I feel that it's important to speak the truth. The American Slaves Culture has been struggling ever since the civil war. The slaves were improperly released from slavery. They were not given type of economic emancipation for her 247 years of labor to America, our culture was not provided any type of guidance or leadership training to enter into mainstream America.

So the American Slave Culture has been struggling not Black America or African Americans.

It's the DAS culture screaming out for help. DAS vs. African Americans are two distinct cultures both have different needs.

We ask now that you help by signing this petition to recognise Descendants of American Slaves as a Unique Culture

A Unique Ethnicity. Help us create a Nation - The American Slave Nation.

I would like to see Descendants of American Slaves (DAS) recognized as a unique culture within the United States.

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