The Triple Helix at Duke University
United States of America

On March 1, 2006, the Undergraduate Publications Board of Duke University came to a decision to deny status for The Triple Helix as a publication on campus. Their reasons in short were:

1) Our layout is handled at Cornell;

2) We have content overlap with Vertices;

3) We do not have anything unique to contribute to the Duke Community;

4) that articles submitted by students of other schools in the journal will not be subject to review by Duke personnel.

We're sure it has not escaped your attention, that some of the claims made against us are based on weak grounds, if any.

Currently, we are looking to appeal, and to address the concerns raised by UPB in an appropriate manner. Numerous other universities, both across the nation and in the world (new members include Oxford and Cambridge) see value in TTH. The TTH of Duke University is committed to giving a good response to UPB in hopes to have them reconsider.

Please sign our petition to express your disatisfaction with the UPB's decision and to show the board the large support we have for our journal.

The Duke University Undergraduate Publication Board should grant status to The Triple Helix as a publication of campus.

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