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I'S TIME TO STAND UP OKLAHOMA- IT'S TIME FOR SOME REAL LEADERSHIP; The kind that Oklahoman's have been without for along time. Governor Mary Fallin has not kept one promise , nor has she done anything to uplift or maintain our state during her seat in office.

She continues to be self serving with a deaf ear to our voices. She continues to report lies as this state continues to spiral downward affecting the citizens and this states future. She openly misleads the citizen's and the media with her deceptive reports that this state has recovered and boasts of victory. The truth is Okla. is now 48th in education, 41 in overall economy, and the states poverty level has increased considerably. Her claims of support of job growth never happened either. In fact, by cuts we have lost jobs. The state is actually in worse condition than before she was elected.

The lawsuit concerning the child abuse/neglect has been in litigation since 2008. It has to date cost the state 7million dollars due to the leadership attempts to fight the case, in which they lost. Money wasted that could have been used in the needed corrections to bring it up to standards. As a result of the drawn out lawsuit the DHS went from 3rd in the nation to top in the nation on child abuse and neglect.This is appalling. For her to be fully aware and ignore the situation untill there were media reported deaths and lawsuits filed is criminal in itself. Also, the undisclosed prior cases that were unreported publicly cost the taxpayers millions in court cost.

She has failed to maintain the state in general with all areas lacking in maintenance and has failed to take any type of action that has left this state bottomed out. All promises empty words as she never follows through.

She continues to take in massive amounts of funds by way of bonds not using the states own appropriated money in an attempt to cover up the out of control government spending. This has caused the states debt to grow and will continue to do so. She uses moral issues or pointless bills in order to receive such funding, yet the state shows nothing in the way of improvements. Her focus should be on the now condition or the state, but instead her focus is on developing a new tax program that is unsure and risky during a time when stablization and regrowth is desperately needed.

The people aren't interested in any tricky -next year moves, and it will not save the taxpayer's anything. All it will do is allow Governor Fallin to spend more money leaving the debt unchanged. She talks of less government, yet continues to step on constitutional rights as the state continues to overspend to her liking resulting in big government with big spending. Oklahoma needs strong leadership right now. The kind that she can't and won't give. The Governor and her legislation have been operating at an self indulging, or absent status that no longer represents the people. It is unacceptable and out of control. The people can no longer ignore this inexcusable disrespect and disregard to the citizen's of this state.

It is time that the people of Oklahoma take back the control that these few have exploited. The people of Oklahoma cannot afford another day,month , or year with Mary Fallin as Governor.

Oklahoma has been in a depressed economic state that leaves no room for self interest leadership. It leaves no room for leadership that ignores the people's voices. It leaves no room for lies or deception, or avoidance. To allow her to continue as Governor would allow Oklahoma to continue sinking and prolong this stagnate setting that we all are trying to rise above. www.theonlinepoop.com

Mary Fallin let's spend it all Fallin Budget: Unconstitutionally Circumvents Balance-Budget
Federal DHS lawsuit costs Oklahoma nearly $7 million.

We the people of Oklahoma are uniting to request that Mary Fallin step down from her elected seat as Governor of Oklahoma. She has failed to represent and support the people of Oklahoma.

She has failed to act on the voice of the people in which under oath she was elected to do. She has disregarded her promises and intentions only to become self indulged at the taxpayer's expense.

She has been deceptive and reported untruths as to the condition of Oklahoma. Our national standing has deteriorated since she took office and continues to fall. Education at 48, Overall standing 41. Poverty has increased statewide and is highest it has been in a decade. She has used the low unemployment rate to her benefit when it was lower than most prior to her election. It is also noteable that she knowingly ignored the suffering of the states homeless children which resulted in many tragic deaths. As to date this court case has cost the taxpayer's nearly 7 million dollars. It is also noted that prior to this unexcusable condition that she knowingly withheld prior related court case information that cost the taxpayer's millions of dollars in court cost. She continues to cut the eduction funding, yet reports otherwise.

Since the children are the future this cannot be excused or acceptable for leadership. Oklahoma needs and deserves strong leadership with integrity.
Her lack of interest in our childrens safety,education, irresponsible handeling of funding and/or nonaccountability of funds in which the citizens and state suffer, unappropriate personal spending ,and her deception in all areas has made it impossible for the citizen's of Oklahoma to allow her the honor and trust that being Governor of Oklahoma brings with it's title.

Since her election the state has been on a downward spiral ,and continues to do so. The people have been deceived, mislead, and exploited. This ineffective self absorbed leadership can no longer be ignored or tolerated. It is time for the people of Oklahoma to stand up and demand strong leadership of integrity to bring our state back in order.Fallin Budget: www.theonlinepoop.com > Mary Fallin Unconstitutionally Circumvents Balanced-Budget
See: http://goo.gl/u1He9

Federal DHS lawsuit costs Oklahoma nearly $7 million--so far.

Please note that none of the issues first written in this petition has improved or changed . Instead the leadership continues to get worse. There continues to be new problems that this Governor continues to acquire.

The enconomy, job status, education issues, etc. continue to plague the people of Okla. How many more cuts to the education can she continue to make before the people finally stand up? It is so obvious that the Governor has become nothing more than an empty shell with life-less eyes. She had done nothing to address the real issues that the citizen's are most concerned with. She has not followed through with anything she talked about. Instead she spends time on useless issues that offer nothing to the working people of Okla. or it's future-that being our children.
She seems to become annoyed when confronted with the safety issue question's. She speaks in patronizing circles that the parents of children lost in the tornado tragity should be insulted.

How can a leader with the best interest of the people in mind NOT want to address it? This should have been an issue that she addressed long ago if she was on the up and up. Instead she has spoken empty, meaningless words as she vacation's around the world spending $273,000 on the taxpayers. 56, more than half or of which were unrelated to state business. That was in t he first 21 months of her taking office. I am sure there has been many more since. Just to name a few were her daughter's wedding in Ireland, her six day family trip to Puerto Rico in March, and various sporting events where she would pop up on stage as the rest of us struggled with recession.

She now has the nerve to call a state of emergency concerning the condition of the State Capital. One would ask why did she neglect it so long that it got to this point? And- doe's that emergency really over rule the safety of our children? If it has waited this long , it can wait a little longer. Our children's safety must be first. A decent leader would have already addressed this issue before there was such tragedy, but that has been Governor Fallin's track record. The DHS baby death's for instance. Yes. It is obvious her priorities are not that of the people, and it is time that the people demand change.

The latest piece of legislation that she has tried to dodge the topic with it a bill to offer continuing education for educational board member's--and a couple of senseless issue's like littering. Insulting. She is still ignoring the DHS ordeal that costs us multimillions, she still continues to cut eduction-yet she wants to throw out there education for board members?

She talks out the side of her mouth about less government while she has been sitting on the Feds door steps for month's. She is an embarrassment.

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