Apple, Microsoft, HP, Dell, Cisco, Qualcomm, Micron, Broadcom
United States of America

The most profitable, and greedy, tech corporations in America are responsible for moving millions of jobs, and opportunity for American workers, out of our country. Now, in our time of greatest need, it is imperative that these corporations return these jobs to American workers, while supporting our American economy.

By continuing to outsource manufacturing to China, these companies, and many others, are supporting a country that suppresses human rights, destroys Earth's environment, openly seeks world domination, and now we know has lied about the COVID-19 pandemic, drastically suppressing the world's chances to stop its spread. The world's economy destroyed, thousands dead, thousands permanently injured. American companies can no longer remain complicit in this behavior, solely in the name of profits.

I will use Apple as my prime example. While many consumers worship their products, they are one of the most profitable and cash hoarding companies on Earth. The revered Tim Cook, like Steve Jobs before him, are 2 of the greediest people that have ever lived. Apple charges very high prices for their products, while shipping jobs overseas, and paying subsistence level wages to millions of Chinese workers. Not to keep the prices of their products low, but instead to assure excessively high profits.

Apple has hoarded over $100 BILLION in cash, which they hide in other countries to avoid paying US taxes. They pay very little in dividends to their many investors. They rape their customers in every way they can. They even enjoy a cult following, by the most unlikely of consumers, the capitalist hating left.

It's time to put an end to this, by Apple, and the many other companies that choose to manufacture in China, at the expense of American jobs, and American prosperity.

I seek to put enormous public pressure on these major companies, hoping others will follow their lead, to stop all trade with China, all manufacturing, all outsourcing, all assembly, all sales, all technology sharing, everything.

We will need millions of signatures to achieve this, to send a strong enough message for them to change their behavior. The only way to stop them is to stop buying their products until they return American jobs and American integrity within their companies.

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