#Local Government
City of Joliet / State of Illinois
United States of America

Tolios Andrew, Inc. produces sound establishments with a healthy blend of food and entertainment. We want to rebuild a once respectable Sports and Entertainment Establishment.

We believe that our new philosophies and codes of conduct will restore this location.

We the people are in favor of supporting Tolios Andrew, Inc. also known as Samy's and now Xander Bar & Grill and their efforts to create jobs in Joliet.

We support the restoration of Entertainment Permit and Extra Hour Permit to our locally owned, community restaurant/bar located at 3151 Voyager Ln. Joliet, IL, 60431.

We support that Tolios Andrew, Inc. will bring jobs, tax revenue and attract tourist to our city and state. Please grant/reinstate entertainment permit and extra hour permit to Tolios Andrew, Inc.

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