The Law Society of Ireland

As graduates around the country prepared to sit the notoriously difficult FE-1 exams, the Law Society announced last Friday that the exams will be moved forward by two weeks. This means that students have 20% less time to prepare that was previously the case.

The FE-1s are of utmost importance to most students who sit them and, as the only means of entrance into the Professional Practice Course, they have the power to dictate any applicants' career progress. Most of the applicants will have contracts conditional on them passing all 8 exams by a certain date.

In changing the dates of the exams, The Law Society have not only made the exams a more daunting and stressful prospect for students but also put hundreds of graduates' careers on the line. This page is set up to resist this manifest injustice and ask that the Law Society, should they be unable to hold the exams on the original dates, move the exams back rather than forward. This would give all concerned a better chance to adapt.

Nobody who sits or has sat the FE-1s would suggest taking it lightly. They are exams that require tireless work and preparation and it is not too much to ask that the Law Society recognise this in their organisation of the exams.

We, the undersigned, call on the Law Society to rearrange the dates of the FE-1s. If the exams can not be held on the dates originally proposed, then the applicants preparations should not be so adversely affected.

Therefore, we ask the dates be moved back, not forward.

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