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Nursing staff at this facility had their reading privileges suspended as a result of events that lead to this plan of correction. While this plan helps prevent said event from happening again, it also has placed a hardship on night shift.

Due to the nature of 11-7 shift, staff has inevitable down time between our rounds. Previously we had the option of quietly reading, which helped us stay alert. Without this option, we are finding it very difficult to keep ourselves alert. Our residents have the right to get their rest, which limits activities we might otherwise do to stay awake. They also need us on the hall, ready to respond if we ARE needed between rounds.

Might it be pointed out that there have been no previous problems caused by personal reading on 11-7 shift.

We, the nursing staff on 11-7 shift, respectfully request our reading privileges be reinstated.

We feel this would be a good aid for keeping us alert and awake, something already difficult enough to do during the long night.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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