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My account was deactivated last week. I've sat back and watched how other people's accounts are reactivated regardless of what they've done wrong. I had reasons for late canceling blocks or missing one, maybe two blocks. I would like for my account to be reactivated. I feel as though I deserve a second chance just like all the others who's accounts have been reactivated a second time. I feel like every email I've sent was not read and/or taken into consideration, despite the explanations I've given. I responded to all emails as soon as I received them. I think once you read them it'll all make sense. I'm currently out of work due to the pandemic so this was my only means of income. I'm hurt that I would be terminated for something I know I didn't do. Twice I had an issue checking in on the app. And anyone who was outside of that particular delivery station was completely clueless as to what I could do. I called driver support twice that same day for the same issue. Just this week alone I went to pickup for my prime now block only to be delayed because the carts were not ready
but I recieved a notification on my phone saying that my cart was ready. I've canceled blocks late. And for that I truly apologize. I had to do that for different reasons. One being my car wouldn't start and I needed a jump. I tried for several hours before hand to get a jump and was unsuccessful in my attempts. Another time my daughter took down sick and I couldn't leave her home alone. Most recently I received the block late. I didn't get the block until 7:18 pm and I tried with everything in me to get there as soon as I possibly could, even risking getting a ticket. The block started at 7:30 pm. When I canceled I was about 12 minutes away and knew there was no way I would make it in time. If I did miss a block, it was probably around the same time someone I I had been around was diagnosed with coronavirus and to ensure the safety of everyone involved (customers, warehouse staff, and other drivers) I quarantined myself to make sure that I didn't have it as well. I was actually early for my prime now block on both Monday December 28th and Wednesday December 30th. Does that not count for anything?? I know a lot of your employees have kids and families who depend on them. This is pretty much my only means of income during the pandemic. I'm begging yall to reconsider and reactivate my account! Please!! really enjoy doing flex. It allows me to explore parts of MD, DC, and VA that I never knew existed. I would be honored to continue working for Amazon. Please reconsider the decision. All I'm asking is for my account to be reactivated. That's all I'm asking. I've tried doing it ya'll way. If my account is reactivated, I'll do my best not to miss or cancel a block.

We, the drivers of Amazon flex, call on Jeff Bezos to reactivate my flex driver account. I deserve a second chance just like all the others who's accounts have been reactivated a second time. I have a family just like everyone else. I have bills to pay as well. Please reactivate my flex driver account.

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