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United Kingdom

The Bill implements aspects of Government policy on digital media set out in the ‘Digital Britain’ White Paper published in June 2009.

Key areas

-requires Ofcom to report on communications infrastructure and media content
-imposes obligations on internet service providers to reduce online copyright infringement
-allows the Secretary of State to intervene in internet domain name registration
-requires Channel Four to provide public service content on a range of media
-provides more flexibility over the licensing of Channel 3 and Channel 5 services
-modifies the licensing regime to facilitate switchover to digital radio
-allows variation of the public service provision in Channel 3 and 5 licences
-provides Ofcom with additional powers in relation to electromagnetic spectrum access
-extends the range of video games that are subject to age-related classification
-includes non-print formats in the public lending right payment scheme.

What we think the fair outcome should be:

A referendum should be called on the matter. The government shouldn't be given the power to make a decision that could be the start of a landslide of us losing our rights.

We feel that a referendum (Which is when the public are able to vote on a political matter which affects the constitution) would be the best option for the government, as then the final result will be what the people choose, rather then what the government chooses for us. Our ability to have free will and fair human rights depends entirely on the government not having complete control.

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