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As an Angel parent the support I received from the staff within the NHS when I lost my son was very limited. I left the hospital with a handle full of leaflets, my son's hand & foot prints and a card to contact a counsellor. If I so wanted to.But most of all I left the hospital with empty arms.

Information to the other professionals involved in my care was not forwarded on. Which caused me even more upset. When they called to offer their congratulations on the birth of my baby.

This needs to stop and more thought and care needs to go into this area. This could be done by talking to parents that have lost children.

We, the undersigned, are calling on the NHS to retrain all midwifes on dealing with Angel parents.

Parents that have lost their child at whatever stage in pregnancy or after birth.

Also the care given in following pregnancy.

More thought and care needs to go into this area.

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