Rafael Nadal, current world number 1 tennis player, was renowned for wearing sleeveless shirts for several years in tennis. In 2009, this changed to a more formal attire.

We believe Rafa needs to return to his original attire.

We, the undersigned tennis fans from around the world, ask Nike, as major outfitters and sponsors of Mr Rafael Nadal, to reinstate the sleeveless shirt as the on-court attire for Mr Nadal.

We do so because we feel the sleeveless shirt enhances Mr Nadal's physique and increases his appeal to fans, both male and female. More importantly it inspires fear in his opponents, awe in his junior fans, and has become an iconic trademark for Mr Nadal.

Returning the sleeveless shirt will increase support for Nike, resulting in increased profits, and will show that Nike respects and values its customers.

Mr Nadal has openly asked his fans to comment on his attire, and state whether we prefer his new clothing or the sleeveless shirt.

We agree that Mr Nadal should return to his classic trademark style.

Rafa Nadal: Bring Back the Sleeveless!!

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