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Australian Dr John Holt's radiowave therapy is an alternative treatment for cancer that does not have side effects like chemotherapy.

There is a clinic in WA and one in Ireland. Jenny Barlow is trying to set one up on the East Coast of Australia to reduce waiting lists in Australia and also provide sick patients on the Eastern Seaboard with treatment as they can not travel to WA or overseas.

Radiowave therapy uses a specific frequency of 434 MHz (megahertz) in the UHF (ultra-high frequency) band to stress or activate cancer cells so that they can then be killed.

Dr Holt treated thousands of patients with one or other of his two radiowave therapies over a period of 30 years.

Dear Australian Health Minister Nicola Roxon,

I have recently been given information on Jenny Barlow's Radiowave Low-dose X-radiation Therapy. I would appreciate your support in the way of a meeting to discuss her request for $100,000 to be utilized for recording patients medical data in the Sydney Clinic.

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