#Community Parks
City of Aurora Parks Department
United States of America

The City of Aurora Parks Department created a track for Rc car hobbiest, located inside of the Wheel Park. Since it was created, there has been hundreds of people a year that comes and uses it.

There has been Hobby Specialty Shops created around this track. Since then no one has keep up with the maitnece of the track, the dirt is terrible, we have found everything from cement blocks, PCV piping 36 inches long, steel bars, and enough rocks to create another park.

People are breaking their expensive vehicils on these items, and the track is relatively small.

We would like the city to redo the track, take out that horrible dirt that is there and replace it with a rock free compound.

We would like to see the track expanded. There is plenty of land there to do so.

We want a sign at the entrance of the park and on on the track that lists rules. Tables should be placed behind electrical outlets.

Also we would like to see the track groomed once in the spring and once in the summer.

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