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The City of HIllsboro
United States of America

In 2013 -2014 construction began on the 231st Avenue in Hillsboro, Oregon and the roads between the MAX light rail and Cornell Road. The work has been constant and almost without stoppage.

Despite opening a public park at this location and approving thousands of aprtment units and commercial developements the City of Hillsboro has not provided sidewalks or adequate roads..

The fact that this section of road is a major commuter street for cars, bikes, and pedestrians only has exacerbated the problems. City officials at Parks and Rec and beyond have been notified and yet the problems with this project continue and dangers have only increased.

2 to 3 years is way to much time for road work to continue at this location and has led to people and cars nearly being struck at the MAX crossing and significant neighborhood cut through traffic as commuters are forced to find alternate routes.

The situation is dangerous, has negatively impacted livability and commerce, and is out of hand. We want corrections and completions to happen now and ask for accountability by our City and the hired contractors.

Significant testimony of eye witness accounts of "near misses" at this stretch of road are common. Enough is Enough.

We, the Citizens of Hillsboro, Oregon living in the Orenco District, on behalf of our families, friends, and the public living and commuting in and around 231st Avenue (between the MAX Station and Cornell Road) request immediate completion of the road and utility work and sidewalks.

The work has gone on too long and with no sidewalks, inadequate flagging, and poor project management and is a public hazard. Therefore we ask for a representative of the City to immediately respond with exact project details, budgets, and completion schedules and work with us to provide a safe and immediate completion to this project..

We believe crews could work in the evenings and that temporary sidewalks and crossings should be immediately installed as many of us have seen near misses of pedestrians, bikers, the MAX train, and our citizens are suffering constant inconvenience and safety risks.

We ask for your action on this matter as our City immediately!

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