Dutch Government

I share the concern about the escalation of the Covid-19 pandemic in the Netherlands. It has officially been declared by the WHO an official pandemic. This is no longer about our “individual freedom” and “personal responsibility”. It is about human right to safe living within our community. We are done with the RIVM underestimating the problem: the situation has escalated so fast that it is now out of control. Prevention before its too late !

This petition is aimed at everyone living in The Netherlands, experiencing this pandemic in unsafe circumstances, that agree on the governmental procedures not being sufficient anymore and not up to WHO recommendations. The Netherlands must take action and mirror the measures taken by the rest of the infected countries! We want to request that civic responsibility should act as prevention method before it's too late. To what extent does this country show concern for you and your health? We are scared to live in a country that is blinded by “business as usual” over health and safety of its citizens..

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