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All humans on Earth and ICC in Hague

This petition mainly warns people about 2012 consciousness shift and message is to ICC to have Qaddafi prosecuted for violating human rights.

Good morning folks, I am Alan. My purpose of writing this petition is to inform the public of the 2012 global spiritual transformation and reviews of Jasmine revolution which causes big effect on Arabian world.

As we know the news, North Africa has been in chaos since last month. This is a result of the people yearning for democracy. The people in there has struggled for many years. Sadly, we, live in the prosperous and rich country, blissfully unaware that people in poor and authoritarian countries, struggle for life and freedom.

Not just about that, Libyan Leader Qadaffi is oppressing people in an ultimate extreme countermeasures to overcome the uprising Libyan peoples. Qadaffi is worse than Ben Ali and Mubarak Hosni, which peacefully takes countermeasures. But, we should know that one day Qadaffi will be definitely ousted. He should be trialed in ICC in Hague,for oppressing people and aiding terrorist organization.

Now, lets talk about spiritual transformation of our humanity. Our mind are entering in a situation known by the Mayans as the 6th Night of 8th consciousness. This period is when the all characteristic of people and goverment are gradually exposed ( example government reaction of Wikileaks). The humanity may start to go bad at that time, but when we are going to 2012,our spirit will have transformed mostly. This point will make all wars end, it will unite all peoples again and revelations will come. So the year 2012 should be seen as a new point.

Actually, Jasmine Revolution is an opening salvo of humanity's spiritual transformation although it can be thought by ordinary people as simple gossips. In reality,many people don't realise their spirit is undergoing transformation, only a minority including me aware of it. This is a disappointing situation because the spirit transformation is worth to us to know.

Okay, now my words is about to come to an end. I have to repeat that Qadaffi must be arrested by ICC and trialed in Hague just like Milosevic, who is a genocider. And I have to repeat that 2012 isn't the end, it is just another beginning. Goodbye to everyone by me.

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