#Consumer Affairs
Both US government, and USA individuals
United States of America

Forget about the Big Men, and Corporate Giants. Continuing to pay them Billions of American Dollars is doing nothing to pull the USA out of it's current financial sink hole. INSTEAD of paying the BILLIONS of dollars to the Big businesses... GIVE the approximately 304 MILLION US Citizens 1 MIL each. This would do several things.

#1. It would allow every American who needs it, a chance to buy a new car.

#2. It would allow everyone to pay off debts! This in turn helps the companies that are owed, to get back on their feet as well.

#3. This would also put money back into our banks, and start the circulation of funds.

#4. This would allow those that need/want to go back to school the ability to do so.

#5 This would also allow people who need medical/dental/vision and other care to get just that!

#6. It would give parents the funds to place their children in day care while working, or attending classes.
It would allow Americans a chance to fill their freezers/pantries/walk-ins.  To buy needed clothes.

 A couple hundred MILLION is better then several Hundred BILLIONS.

We the undersigned are asking the United States Government to make the choice of giving each and every Naturalized American a non-taxable check for the amount of 1Million USA dollars, to be used towards homes, cars, medical, and other needed daily costs.

We ask that over taxing, and price gouging not be allowed for at least 1 year after checks have been sent. We ask that the US government give it's people this opportunity to re-start the US economy!

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