#Children's Rights
Alan shatter and all government authority figures nation wide

Background: I began this campaign, for the purpose off my two family members. Which were abused for numerous years, by their step father. Now that it's 2013, the girls who can not be named for protection reasons, have struggled to get their story heard.

At the beginning of October this year Sunday world newspaper agreed to publish their story. 3 weeks on, 3 newspaper stories, radio stations and our facebook page reaching incredible numbers, girls turning the page into charity for protection off children. For communities and victims off sex offenders, to give them place to go, an ear to listen. For families to come together stand together and stop suffering in silence.

The girls and I will be fighting for Sarah law' to be introduced into Ireland as soon as possible. We ask everyone to please share and sign our petition, every man woman and child, or inner child should have right to a voice. Thank you!

putourchildrenfirst @Facebook.com

We, the undersigned, call on Alan shatter, government authorities and public authorities to stand with us, and not against us on bringing Sarah law into Ireland as soon as possible.

Put our children first, not paedophiles and sex offenders being injected into our communities!

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