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Eunoia comes from the Greek word εύνοια and it’s the shortest English word containing all five main vowel graphemes. It’s defined in medical dictionaries as ‘well mind’ or a state of normal mental health.

However an alternative translation from the Greek is ‘beautiful thinking’ and that’s the definition Christian Bok is referring to with the title of his book of univocalic poetry. Eunoia contains five chapters of poetry, each of which uses only one vowel – it truly is a masterpiece of ‘beautiful thinking’.

We’re asking Scrabble fans and wordsmiths the world over to sign this petition in an attempt to get the word eunoia listed in The Chambers Dictionary with the definition it deserves.

Just think of how handy it would be next time you’re faced with a Scrabble rack full of vowels…

We, the word freaks, call on The Chambers Dictionary to add the word 'Eunoia' to its list, as it is an English word with ancient Greek roots.

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