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The Garner-Brown Initiative (GBI) aims to bring an end to police brutality via legislation. This legislation is designed to be easily implemented across cities, districts, counties, and entire states across the country . This initiative is a one-piece, standardized, and specific blueprint initiative designed to establish checks and balances that hold individual officers, departments, and precincts to reasonable accountability while still enabling them to serve their jurisdictions effectively, safety, and efficiently.

Sign this position to legally establish the 4 points of the GBI throughout the entirety of the State of Washington.

The GBI contains 4 codes designed to encourage responsible policing. 1, officers are required to wear body cameras. These cameras offer objective and the accurate documentation of events throughout an officer’s shift on duty. Bodycams serve as the first defense against police abuses. 2. Localized hiring practices. By requiring precincts to give employment priority to applicants living within the jurisdictions in which they will serve it is more likely that they will have a familiarity with the residents of that jurisdiction and will thus be far less likely to act aggressively or unjustly with them. It also offers more opportunities for a given community to be represented in local law enforcement, aiding to a decrease in potential incidents of police brutality. 3. Law enforcement officers must undergo bi-annual psychological evaluations. It has been shown that military personnel upon returning from combat suffer from PTSD and other such trauma. Local law enforcement officers are under similar duress, especially after long durations of service. GBI ensures that officers remain psychologically fit to serve their communities. This ensure s the safety of both the officer and the community. Officers will receive the same testing that military personnel receive who serve abroad in occupied territories. These tests will be administered once every two years. Officers who do not meet the psychological demands of the required job duties will be given opportunities for on the job recovery and rehabilitation that they may continue to remain the best fit for the job. 4. Required community service hours. Many occupations require spending time within the community, offering a positive visible presence within the community. This will ensure the building a bond between officers and residents of a given community. It will help officers to get to know residents on a deeper level. GBI will require precincts, departments, and officers to serve their communities through a variety of projects and actions designed to build communal cohesion.
When combined all 4 points of the GBI will bring an end to police brutality and the abuse of power by law enforcement officers, departments, and agencies within and throughout communities in each of the locations where it is implemented and across the country.

By signing this position to I am helping to legally establish the 4 points of the GBI throughout the entirety of the State of Washington.

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