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With an unemployment high and our budget in a mess we need to demand that our leaders address the issue of unemployment in a manner that will actually put people to work and not raise our deficit or our taxes.

We the People of the united states call on our leaders to work towards the goal of putting our people back to work by the following methods.

1. Pass a balanced budget amendment to the constitution that does not increase our taxes.government spending is to be curbed.

2. Bring most of our military home to defend our borders against drugs and illegals from entering our country.

3. Announce that all illegal aliens have 30 days to leave on their own. After the 30 days start rounding them up and deport them.

4. Raise tariffs and duty fees on imported goods to level the playing field and bring our jobs back home where they belong.

5. Stop all work visas for foreigners until Americans are back to work.

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