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A shade cover over the terrigal rotary park equipment is essential. It is just absolutely to hot for little hands and feet in the sun it is built with black metals.
Central coast council were recently asked if a shade cover could be put over the park equipment and they said yes...... if the parklife cafe was able to fund it themselves at a cost 0f approximately $22,000.
That is obviously outsourcing of a ridiculous amount to a little locally run business ... central coast council has to get on board along with the cancer council and Gosford council and shade these little kiddies ☀️

Terrigal rotary park received an updated park recently which is located in a beautiful lakeside settting with a perfect little parklife cafe serving amazing healthy foods and drinks for adults and kids alike surrounded by trees and ducks and amazing play areas ...... BUT NOT ONE BIT OF SHADE OVER THE PLAY EQUIPMENT so at peak play times for kids they can’t even touch the park as it is beyond way to hot created with hot and black metals there is absolutely no way little hands and feet can enjoy the equipment that was installed for them.
They have to enjoy the park very early morning or at sunset or if it is an overcast day but it should be a park available at all times for these little adventurous kiddies..
The central coast council has agreed to cover the area but at a personal cost of approx $22,000.
That is not fair it should have just been in the park planning to protect them from burning from the sun and the equipment.

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