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On Wednesday night, Liverpool 'fans' once again brought shame upon English football. The last time that they were punished, everyone else was punished with them meaning that clubs such as Everton, Wimbledon, Coventry etc missed out on the chance of a lifetime.

Rather than blame UEFA, the Greeks or anyone else that comes into view it's time for the people who run our game to be proactive and take the difficult steps required to bring the Liverpool fans into line.

The pre match statements of Rick Parry appear to show a tacit acceptance at the club that this kind of behaviour is not only accepted but is almost seen as a badge of honour.

Sort out ticketing etc by all means, but sort out the truly guilty ones first.

We, the undersigned, call upon the Football Association to punish Liverpool football club for the disgraceful behaviour of their supporters in the final of the premier European cup competition on foreign soil once again.

Please act before UEFA are compelled to act in absentia.

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