#Non-Profit Organization Elections
Cook County States Attorney

Cook County States Attorney; Kimberly M. Foxx.

The Puerto Rican Parade Committee, which is located at 1237 N California Ave is a non-profit organization which was establish in 1966. It's purpose is to keep the PR culture and heritage alive through its annual parade, festival, which was proven to be the largest festival that Chicago host, and community awareness. It attracts countless tourist while bringing business to local establishments. Organizing the Parade/Festival is the responsibility of the organizations President ( elected by the Puerto Rican Community). and the committee of his/her choosing. According to the organizations by-laws filed with the State, we the people of the Puerto Rican Community request your urgent intervention and investigation into the numerous violations to the register by-laws by the current President Angel Medina. Mr Medina has been court ordered to hold elections on Sept 2017. His negligent actions and disregard for the Organizations Constitution has caused the deterioration of this City's #1 Festival. Due to a combination of fraudulent performances on the part of Mr. Medina, the community stands to lose the organizations building from which it operates. We are requesting a prompt response from your office as these concerns are of an urgent matter.

Petition to hold elections for Puerto Rican Parade Committee President, Sept 2017, as stated in the organization's by-laws registered with the State of Illinois and in compliance with a court judgement dated 2015.
* Eligible signers must be descendants of at least one Puerto Rican one parent.
* 3000 signature goal.

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