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Water Garden Village and Water Garden Park are Tax Credit apartments, their communities are made up of a mix of senior citizens, families who would be financially unable to pay the market rate in the area and a percentage who can afford market rate.
One of the major challenges for high school students, seniors citizens and those who work in the surrounding areas is transportation. High school students are unable to get to available part-time work at the surrounding malls, explore their communities and downtown areas, adults are forced to purchase and insure cars they struggle to afford, use Uber/Lyft/Taxi, etc. (to get to work), seniors cannot go out into their community to the supermarkets, go to the local Senior Centers, or doctors offices, movies, they are forced to stay cooped up in their homes, (which impacts their health and quality of life).
These communities are isolated from the all the opportunities and amenities offered in the surrounding area, such as Crabtree and Brier Creek malls and Target shopping center and Leesville Road shopping area. There are express buses that pass the community on Glenwood Avenue but do not stop to serve our communities.

These are wonderful communities: however, people move because there is no public transportation.

Water Garden Village and Water Garden Park needs public transportation in order to allow the tenants to venture into and become a part of their communities and the surrounding malls for job opportunities, health and recreation.

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