Sanitarium Health Foods

Sanitarium Health Foods produce breakfast cereals such as Weet-Bix and drinks such as Up & Go. Sanitarium is also 100% owned by the Seventh-Day Adventist Church and enjoy tax exempt income status due to its definition as a charitable organisation. It is estimated (Fin Rev) that Sanitarium generates in excess of $200 Million pa in profits.

Workers at Sanitarium however do not enjoy industry standards with respect to their pay and conditions of employment. Sanitarium along with the SDA Church refuse these workers their right to be collective represented by their union (NUW) in negotiations to improve their working conditions. Sanitarium also refuse their rights to collectively bargain in accordance with International Labour Organisation Standards (ILO).

How can a charitable organisation do this to their workers and their families who are the very community that Sanitarium declare they support?

We agree that Sanitarium and the Seventh-Day Church should review their treatment of Sanitarium workers.

We declare that we will publicly support these workers until their collective rights and their working conditions meet Australian industry standards.

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